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Bug#:1548 Platform: Version:
Product: OS: Reporter:jonathan.p.schaaf@ge.com
Status: NEW Priority: Cc:
Resolution: Severity: Component:
Assigned To: openmotif-devel@motifzone.net Target Milestone:
Attachments: 01/25/12 17:20Proposed patch for keyboard lock issue
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Description: Opened: 2012-01-17 09:26

To reproduce, do the following (motif version 2.3.3):

Find an application with two text fields.

Within the first text field...
1) Push DOWN the MIDDLE mouse button.
2) Push DOWN the LEFT mouse button.
3) Move the cursor left or right to grow the selection
4) Release the middle mouse button (causes a paste)
5) Release the left mouse button.  
6) Up and down left click in the other text field
7) Enter some text.  You will see the text enter in the wrong text entry box, 
and you will also see that keyboard focus was never properly transitioned.

Although other bug reports (such as #1485) relate to grab/ungrab of keyboard, in 
this case the problem seems to be that the ungrab function simply isn't called.  
Normally, the ungrab is called within ProcessBDragRelease(), however when 
text.extending is true, the function returns before the ungrab.  When combined 
with the weirdness of this series of clicks, a call to the keyboard grab without 
a corresponding ungrab happens.

------- Additional Comments From jonathan.p.schaaf@ge.com 2012-01-25 17:20 -------
Created an attachment (id=318)
Proposed patch for keyboard lock issue

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